Millennials Complain Over Dress Code

So apparently these kids, after being spoiled by an upbringing that teaches them that they’re always special, that feelings are more important than facts, and that every wrong can be righted with a “conversation” (usually one-sided of course).  Today’ young adults have basically been taught that if they act oppressed enough or make themselves professional victims they can get anything they want.  Their teachers and college professors put utopian thoughts in their heads about social justice, inequality, feminism, and incorrect thoughts about racism.  So the interns at this company, apparently 99 out of 100 thought that they were being so oppressed by the dress code that “starting a dialogue” with their managers were sure to get their way.  Oops, well welcome to the real world folks, where facts count over feelings, there are no safe spaces, and you don’t get to control your environment by invoking some victim complex.

Now I do NOT blame the millennial generation itself.  I put most of the weight for this on their enabling parents.  There are more households with two working parents, leaving kids in day care.  Social lives are arranged through play dates. You end up with a generation raised by soccer mom parents that place a higher priority on being their child’s bff than their parents.  Millennials come from the “self-esteem generation” where everyone gets a participation trophy whether they won or lost.  They are also the first generation to have been born into technology, where smart phones and social networking provide the instant gratification (you mean you actually had to go to a music store and buy a CD?), so while I do believe they have great qualities (they are genuinely hard workers and are very ambitious though a generation of helicopter parents solving their every need hasn’t given them the tools to plan or channel that ambition), they are raised to believe that they’re special snowflakes addicted to instant gratification.  Two + two can equal 5 as long as you feel good about it, as long as your self-esteem is maintained.  When these kids grow up and enter the real world they are surprised that every door doesn’t open for them at their beckoned command.  Thus you see travesties like University of Missouri and Yale, where the Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warriors learn to complain and shut people down who dare to say anything that they’re mildly uncomfortable with.  We are raising a generation of pansies to be honest.

Now that said, I think the decision to summarily fire these interns was extreme.  If the object of internships is to gain work experience and learn about the corporate environment, then I think a better solution would have been to have a sit-down with them and inform them of the 411 of the working world.  Still these interns should take this as a lesson, that just because their parents and teachers enabled their every wish and caved in to their unreasonable demands, doesn’t mean that the entire real world works that way.  What started out (maybe) as good intentions has backfired, leaving this generation ill-prepared for the cold hard reality of life.

These evil one-percenters need to pony up. Oh really?

Several years back, fellow blogger Iowahawk published an eye opening entry that in my opinion should put to bed the tired old like we hear from leftists that the “rich” need to pay their “fair share” of taxes, which will achieve… umm I’m not sure.

The unanswerable question is, how in the world is this going to create jobs?  The leftists believe that “if everyone pays their fair share, the poor and middle class would pay much less in taxes ..

The economy would flourish – benefiting the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy.” (

First, there is no explanation of how any of this will cause the economy to flourish.  But more to the point of this post, Iowahawk’s post, though the data is a few years old, proves beyond any doubt that even a massive increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans cannot possibly work, as even completely “soaking” the rich wouldn’t even cover our bloated budget for one year.

What does diversity really mean to a Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice Warriors are at it again.  They claim they want a more diverse faculty, but what is it that they really want?   But apparently college students are now experts on diversity, sociology and they know better than campus administrators the criteria by which school employees should be hired.  Why are we letting the inmates take over the asylum?  First at Mizzou, we see a president run out of town because he didn’t cave in to the Black Lives Matter groups demands.  Then we had a Yale dormitory supervisor gets screamed at for the audacity of saying that people should be allowed to wear the Halloween costume of their choice. We’ve had “white privilege” jammed into us so many times we’re starting to see it as fact.

If I went to one of the so-called “Historically Black Colleges” and commented that there weren’t enough white male faculty members, I would (RIGHTFULLY) be dragged out of the room by a noose.  But we see the cries that there aren’t “enough” women or minorities, and thus by extension is the polite way of saying “we have too many white male professors.”  Suppose you have two finalists for a job, and the black female gets it instead of the white male because “they need more minority members,” then by the same logic, you ARE saying to the other candidate, “Sorry we’re not hiring you because you’re white.”  That is the definition of racism.  I’m not AGAINST having liberal points of view on campus, I’m a believer that everyone has the right to be heard, but if it means excluding points of view that you find “uncomfortable” or “micro-aggressed”, then one must ask themselves who is REALLY being intolerant here!  I’ve seen more than my share of speakers come onto college campuses and it’s clear the narrative that they want students to have.

When someone is asked whether they “believe in diversity,” that’s a nonsense question. Let’s keep a few things in mind:
1. Yes true diversity (i.e. not just race or gender, but opinion, politics, religion) IS a very positive thing.  But if you’re really for racial diversity of your faculty, you should also champion diversity of thought and ideas.  For the Social Justice Warrior types, that’s not what diversity is.  Their definition of  “diversity” is nothing more than a code word for “get as many minorities as possible regardless of qualification.”  So this is a straw man position.  Diversity is always positive, but true diversity is not what these people are after.  They’re after social engineering disguised as racial tolerance.

2. Whether you like it or not, diversity just is what it is, and cannot reasonably be swayed one way or the other without getting into affirmative action (one cannot legally influence the racial makeup of a population one way or the other).  If you ask someone if they believe diversity is good, you may as well ask  if they believe gravity is a good idea.  Students are 10 times more interested in a teacher who’s engaging, knows their subject than someone who matches their race.  If you really care that much about the race of your professor, if you really feel that the professor has to be “of your group” in order to have success in the class, then you really have no cause to demand teachers for the sole purpose of fitting your own personal narrative.

Is diversity a good thing?  That’s a loaded question.  Diversity itself is neither inherently good nor bad.  Whether you believe that a society should be 5% black or 95% black, there’s nothing you can reasonably do to achieve that goal.  Besides no person or group has any business socially engineering the race of any society, in Academia or otherwise.  My sole pet peeve here is force-feeding racial diversity and affirmative action simply for the sake of having more minorities, regardless of a person’s character or qualifications.  Martin Luther King himself said,

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  

By demanding a more racially diverse faculty absent of any other consideration, you are doing exactly that – you ARE judging people by the color of their skin, and their character be damned.  I think racism is disgusting and people of color should not receive lesser treatment under the law just because they have dark skin.  But treating whites differently because of their race is just as bad, despite the common myth that blacks cannot be racist because of some nebulous privilege.  Anyone who demands special treatment for anyone based on race, gender, or any other “protected” class, is no better than the Jim Crow advocates that made blacks sit at the back of the bus.  But we’ve been “white guilted” so much and told to “check our privilege” that many liberals actually start to believe that they have some reason to feel guilty and owe the black community some recompense or reparation.
Finally, if there aren’t enough female and/or minority engineering professors, then the CORRECT question to ask is, “What can we do to make those fields more enticing to women and minorities?”  There’s a difference between equal opportunity for all and forcing equal outcomes.  Our true problem is why women and people of color are not being attracted to advanced degrees or getting into “STEM” fields.  The Social Justice types are only interested in treating the symptoms, not curing the disease.  They’re attacking the problem from the wrong end.

If these people are truly after diversity, they’d embrace ALL kinds of diversity: Different religions, politics, beliefs, levels of education, income levels and not JUST racial diversity, which is just in itself a code work for “as many people of color as possible.”
“The student diversity effort, called Who’s Teaching Us?, grew out of Stanford’s Asian American Activism Committee in 2014 when the Stanford English Department denied tenure to a queer Asian-American scholar”

So we’re supposed to believe that the tenure was denied BECAUSE she was queer or Asian-American?  Only a SJW leftist would look at a person who as $10 and another person who has $1 and conclude that the $10 person must have gotten that money through some privilege or misdeed.  There is a difference between equality under the law, and equality of outcome.

More compelling, however, is the argument that all students are better educated and better prepared for leadership, citizenship, and professional competitiveness in multicultural America and the global community when they are exposed to diverse perspectives in their classrooms

If I’m a college student I want my professor to be the best person for the job, not someone who was hired simply because “they needed to hire more minorities.”  It’s insulting and degrading to all involved.  If we said the same thing about needing more white men in the faculty there would be rioting in the streets, but yet affirmative action is completely okay?  These leftist Social Justice Warriors are not the least bit interested in diversity.  Diversity to them means “getting a lot of people of color.”  You could have a room full of 20 sixty-year-old white males, and yet you’ll have different backgrounds, professions, religions, politics.  The left is only “tolerant” about ideas that agree with theirs.

Hillary Clinton and Email Servers: So Espionage is now legal

This goes a bit against the form of this blog but what happened today was beyond infuriating.  FBI Director Chris Comey stated that although Hillary Clinton mishandled sensitive documents, violated the espionage act, lied about email servers and multiple mobile devices, he had the nerve to say that no reasonable prosecutor would indict her.  Really??!!!

First we must remember.  Comey is a law enforcement officer.  He has no business telling prosecutors to charge or not to charge.  The police do the investigation, which by the way the FBI investigators did do quite well.  Once the investigation is done, the prosecutor decides whether charges are warranted.  The police do NOT get to tell the prosecutors whether or not to take the case.  Yes the investigation was done quite thoroughly.  And Mr. Comey laid out all the charges.
* She operated not one, but several private email servers, three of which she lied about.
* She stored sensitive classified documents on a personal server where they were vulnerable to hacking, and reportedly been hacked.
* Through gross negligence, she exposed sensitive state secrets to espionage by not only those outside of government, people in foreign governments and terror organizations too.  The FBI and government servers use many layers of security to encrypt documents and keep them out of the wrong hands.  A personal email server in someone’s basement does not have this level of security, and is thus much more vulnerable to hacking.  Some of her emails have ended up on Wikileaks for Pete’s sake.
* She claimed to use only one mobile device but the investigation showed that multiple devices were used, including use in foreign countries where information can be easily stolen.
* She lied about the server, number of servers, and multiple devices.  And she shredded schedules… why?  Why do you destroy emails and personal schedules if you have nothing to hide.
* Attorney General Loretta Lynch just HAPPENS to meet up with her “husband” Bill Clinton on a private jet.  Even if the case wasn’t discussed (which no intelligent person will believe for one minute), even though I’m not a lawyer, even I know that  YOU DO NOT HAVE EX-PARTE COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEFENDANT OR THOSE CLOSE TO THE DEFENDANT where witnesses cannot be present.  They can’t talk about “golf and grandchildren” on the tarmac or in Lynch’s office?  The American people are not as stupid as you think we are.

So following the embarrassment of the airplane chat, Lynch states that as far as the charges against Clinton, she will abide by the FBI’s decision, and then MAGICALLY a few days later the FBI decides no charges were warranted?  The FBI team, in my mind, did a superb job with the investigation  But FBI Director Comey, who is more of a politician than a law enforcement agent, even in the face of mountains of investigation of his team, insults our intelligence with, “Move along people, nothing to see here.”  He finished with, “Yeah we don’t think charges were warranted because we can’t show intent.”  The Espionage Act does NOT require intent!  I will quote from 18 U.S. Code 793 Section F:

Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”
Note the second highlighted portion.  All that’s necessary is “gross negligence” and Comey did all but state that at the hearing.  She had documents in her possession that she placed on unsecured private servers (negligence), which are open to, and have been, hacked (permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody…) where the proper place would be a secure government server.

The actions by Clinton, Lynch, and Comey are an utter disgrace to our system of law & order.  I guess that espionage and treason are completely legal as long as you’re a high-ranking Democrat named Clinton.  Comey not only ignores the evidence, but all but instructs prosecutors not to charge Mrs. Clinton (which is itself beyond his purview).  This is not Democracy.  He’s acting like the Hillary fan club instead of doing his job as a law enforcement officer

I don’t like Donald Trump.  I REALLY don’t like Hillary Clinton.  But a person who knowingly and willingly hid emails and classified documents on a private server, lied about it, obstructed justice, caused the deaths of four service members through negligence, exposed sensitive documents to hackers through gross negligence, and then lied about the servers and the cause of the Benghazi attack for the sole purpose of saving her political career is unacceptable for any public servant.  The email server ALONE is MUCH worse than Watergate, but we have evidence that Clinton committed much more and will escape the consequences.  How can a woman like this be trusted with state secrets?  If you can’t trust your leaders judgement and honesty, how can they effectively lead?  What if the emails were hacked and now ISIS or Al Qaeda heads have secret information they can use to  blackmail the President of the United States?  Maybe not, but the fact that she was so careless with these documents just so that the government can’t discover her nefarious deeds is more than enough.  As the law states, actually having documents stolen is not necessary, only the gross negligence in of itself is enough for ten years imprisonment.

Hillary Clinton does not belong in the White House.  She belongs in jail, and quite frankly, in an electric chair.  She has committed treason and espionage to save her own neck from her incompetence and negligence, put our nation at risk, caused four deaths in Benghazi because of her negligence, and lied about everything.  We are running out of chances.  If Congress does not act on this by at least subpoenaing documents and demanding testimony from the FBI director and Attorney General, and worse, and if the American people actually vote this proven criminal into the Oval Office, I will officially have lost faith in our country

School child talks about Baked Goods: Charged as a Racist.

Boy gets suspended for using the word “brownie”

So that’s how far we’ve come?  Almost all the racism that we have in this world comes from the very people who claim to be fighting it.  The kid said the word “brownie,” as in “baked good”.  There was nothing even close to racial intent in the statement, yet our society has become so politically correct that we now have to police any speech that might in any alternate universe be potentially offensive?  And then to call the police?  Really, call the police on a kid who refers to a baked good just in case one of his precious snowflake classmates takes it the wrong way?  And then to interrogate him like that.  Shameful!  What are you teaching our kids?

High School Bans American Flags To Be ‘Inclusive.’

I got a newsflash for all the Social Justice Warriors out there.  You do NOT have the right to not be offended.  If the flag of the United States of America is so offensive to you, then get the hell out of the country.

This is unfortunately to be expected in the current leftist takeover of our educational system.  Our own President spends more time apologizing for our country and telling us we need to “soul search” than actually taking steps to combat radical Islam.  This is happening under pressure from Muslim special interest groups who state that following Muslim organizations is racist.  Prior to the Orlando shooting, there were people who had suspicions about Omar Marteen, but their concerns were ignored because they were seen as “racist” or “offensive” to Muslims.

These are just a few examples of how our educational system is coming unraveled so members of a few select groups can feel safe from hearing things that make them uncomfortable.  We’re supposed to be preparing kids for the “real world” they’ll grow up into.  These do-gooders are making sure that just the opposite happens.  If you teach kids that even the slightest hint of racism should be quashed even at the risk of terrorist activity, then what kind of adults will they grow up to be?

All white people are racist because they’re white.

Elite K-8 school teaches white students they’re born racist

It’s funny how those who scream out the most about tolerance tend to be the least tolerant people out there.  Kids as young as six years old being told that they’re “born racist.”  It’s funny, my parents never had a sit-down with me and informed me that all races deserve equal treatment under the law.  I believe in racial equality because (fortunately) no one ever taught me not to.  It’s deplorable that people in charge of educating our children could tell such lies.

People are generally good in this country.  No one in my generation was ever made to feel guilty about who we were.  The more you start trying to make EVERYTHING about race, you are just creating MORE racial unrest.

Basically these people are saying, “You’re white, therefore you’re racist.”  That in itself is a racist statement.  Oh but no only whites can be racist.  That’s of course complete crap.  Now you’re taking young children and teaching them that they’re bad people because of their race, which is exactly feeding the monster you claim to be fighting in the first place.  This is what our education system has sunk to in the name of political correctness.

white privilege racist race card baiting

The left knows full well that institutional racism is DEAD in this country.  Will there always be a few pockets of ignorance out there?  Of course, but those in the utopian puppy-dog-and-unicorn world that they’re trying to provide for our students.  You’ll see me use this argument a lot, but leftists cannot win arguments on merit.  They know that 95% of the racism in this country is that which they create themselves through race baiting.  They know that racism is wrong and the opinions of those who are against them are “wrong” and so by associating white skin color with some fictional privilege, they don’t have to actually have a winning argument anymore because they’ve forced an association between white people and racists, therefore white people are by default wrong about everything.  They see a white person and make assumptions about them based only on skin colorThat in and of itself is the very definition of racism!  But it’s ok because only white people can be racist since we have some etherial privilege that the social justice warriors can’t seem to define.  I had a teacher in high school who used to tell us “You cannot legislate morality.”  We can outlaw murder, and outlaw “attempting murder” but we cannot outlaw “thinking about murder” because it is impossible to prove one’s thoughts.  We cannot pass laws to make people have the thoughts that we want to have.

Shame on these bullies who make kids cry for fear that they’re a “bad person” because of their skin color.  Any decent parent will pull their child out of this school immediately.  And as parents, please ask questions, pay attention to what’s going on in your child’s school.  I’ve been on the inside in these situations.  The stuff people talk about behind closed doors will shock you.

Education happens outside the classroom too.

Education entails more than what happens inside the brick-and-mortar of a classroom, or online in the course’s Blackboard page.  It’s our duty as Americans to do the following every day:

* Watch and listen to the news.  Not just MSNBC or Fox, but to get the ideas from right, left, and middle.
* Take a course or read a book to educate themselves on the Constitutional history of the United States and the Federalist Papers written by our Founding Fathers
* Once and a while at least, make sure you write your President, Senators, Congressmen and State Legislators to voice your opinion if you differ with them on an issue, or want to express your support for upcoming legislation.

I believe the main problem, the reason that government is not listening to us is because they believe we’re not listening to them.  Therefore a politician feels free to  say and promise anything on the campaign trail in the hope that we won’t call them out on it.  In the current election, polls show that despite the fact that more Americans take Trump’s side of most issues, they still favor Clinton.  Although the vote is, not, and should not be denied to anyone, along with rights come responsibilities to educate ourselves about our history, Constitution, basic supply-side Economics, and make sure you do your research into candidates to go beyond the soundbites.  Elected officials are put into office by us, and they work for us.  So it’s our duty to give them reviews, scrutinize their work, and fire them when they don’t do their job.

I believe that politicians, for the most part, count on ignorance.  If we are unaware of the fact that taxing the wealthiest Americans even at 100% could not cover our national budget for one year (source:, then we are more likely to buy into Bernie Sanders’ argument for free college and health care, because we believe him when he says that will work.  No matter who occupies the White House or Congress, a truly educated and well-informed public is our best “inoculation” against oppressive government, because if they know that we will hold their feet to the fire, one would be surprised how much they start looking out for our interests.  Not even the wealthiest campaign contributor can undo a strong, well-informed public who knows not only who to pull the lever for, but why.  News and politics are not the “in” thing, and many people avoid it because it’s a potentially controversial topic.  But if we pay more attention to who’s winning “Survivor” than who’s winning the primaries, we can not make informed decisions about who to trust with our national interest, and also in a self-feeding loop, only makes us more vulnerable to political rhetoric, making us hate politics more, and pay less attention…  So the best way to get Congress and the President to do what we want, is the threat of losing what they really want – the vote.

Here’s my “homework assignment” to you all.  Please educate yourself.  Watch the news, not just Fox News or MSNBC but an eclectic spectrum of political thought. Read a book on the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, the basic laws of Economics and History.  Below are some places to start.  In this blog in the coming weeks and months, I will pass along more sources that I have found useful.  Read them and decide for yourself.


  • Hillsdale College is a college in Michigan that takes no Federal funds, and have a variety of FREE courses on Constitution, government, history and economics.  Do yourself a favor and sign up, I think it will open your eyes.
  • Politifact and Factcheck, just like Joe Friday, looks at “just the facts, ma’am” and sorts the truth from the lies of all nationally prominent politicians.  Does your President or Senator make a claim or statement that seems wrong to you?  Here’s a place to get an unbiased analysis of their statements.
  • Article V Convention of States seeks to call a convention to help take our states back from government overreach.  Even if you decide not to participate, there are many good reading resources on this page.

Introduction Part 2

One more addendum I want to make to my introductory message.

The title of this blog is “Conservative Educator” and the URL uses the word Libertarian.  Often times I will use these words interchangeably because
1) The first is a belief, the second is a party.  There are liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats.  There are left-leaning and right leaning Libertarians, and in between.
2) So my Conservative and Libertarian beliefs, while not exactly the same, have a very large overlap.  Some exceptions are drug legalization and same sex marriage.  Most conservatives would be against these but a Libertarian will generally believe that the concept of  personal freedom (as long as you’re not impinging on someone else’s freedom) means that the government should stay out of your medicine cabinet and your bedroom as well as your wallet. With that said…

I also believe that despite very vocal people on the extreme left and extreme right, that most of Americans ARE libertarian, or at least moderate at heart.  I have a theory that most people’s common sense does align with Libertarian principles, but of course I will never propose to tell anyone what to think.  My goal is to present people with the facts and let them make their own decision.
If you want to be able to choose your child’s school, if you don’t want to allow boys into the same locker room as your daughter, if you know better how to educate your child than a Federal Bureaucracy, if you think that the government wastes too much of your money and is too intrusive into your life, if you believe that taxes are too high, believe that it’s none of the government’s business if you choose to take marijuana or not, or who you can and cannot marry.  If you believe in self-determination, you just may be a Libertarian at heart.


I think that the 4th of July is the best time to make my initial entry.  I’m afraid that too many of our young people are ignorant of what the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, liberty, freedom, rights, and tolerance really mean.  This is partly our fault as educators.  Education has an unfortunate reputation as indoctrination factories for America’s children and college students.  Too many people are unaware of the documents, liberties, and expression of rights that have made our countries strong.
 In two decades of teaching, that has been partly my experience.  I’ve taught at a school whose monthly union meetings were half-filled with political complaints about our governor and “social justice,” and yet I’ve been to other schools that have very good union-board relations, where politics is rarely, if ever, spoken of.

My experience may be semi-unique is that prior to teaching, I had held private sector jobs, I’ve put in the time in places where I’ve had to pay for health insurance.  I find most of the left-leaning teachers I’ve known in the past have had teaching as their only career.  So they move from one hall of academia to another.  The real world is just like any academic subject, you need experience to really appreciate it.

I’ll finish this entry by assuring what I believe to be a “silent majority.”  There ARE professional educators who…

  • believe that it’s our responsibility to educate students about the origins of our country and the importance of our Declaration and Constitution.
  • believe that partisan political speech has no place in a classroom setting
  • believe that diversity means more than diversity of race – that diversity of ideas are just as important.
  • believe that school vouchers are NECESSARY to improve our education, that there’s no reason that private enterprise and competition can’t be part of the educational process.
  • believe that simply spending more on education is not a panacea for improving learning, that those who complain about lack of educational spending should see that the U.S., despite among the top per-pupil spenders on education in the world, still is very mediocre in its results
  • believe that Common Core and No-Child-Left-Behind are unreasonable intrusions of the Federal government into choices that should belong to principals, teachers, and parents, rather than top-down bureaucracies. 
  • believe that the Federal Department of Education serves only the purpose of top-down educational bureaucracy, and since its existence is contrary to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, is completely unneeded.
  • believe that alternatives like charter schools, private schools, and home-schooling should be not only tolerated, but encouraged.

    Finally we believe that it’s the job of schools to prepare students for the future, careers, and make them more knowledgeable and informed citizens.  While development of self-esteem is undoubtedly important, it does not come at the expense of the above goals.  Two + two does not equal 5, no matter what your “feelings” of it are.  Let the boys use the boys room, the girls use the girls room, and stop giving out participation trophies.  The world out there doesn’t care about your feelings, will not provide safes spaces of give trigger warnings, and will often present you from ideas you’re uncomfortable with.  Education does a child no service if its goal is to shield students from uncomfortable thoughts, especially at the expense  of giving students what they need to succeed in American and world societies.