Trump vs. Media on Charlottesville

Donald Trump has come under a lot of unfair fire for his “failure” to disavow white supremacy fast enough after the Charlottesville incident on August 12.  Trump was criticized for getting into it with most of the gathered media.  He was absolutely right.  He condemned terrorism, white supremacy. He’s disavowed David Duke over and over and over even as early as 1998.

The mainstream media is so skewed against Trump, that nothing he ever does or says will be good enough for them.  Incidentally, I wonder why the hypocritical Democratic Party will not disavow Black Lives Matter (you know, the group that shouts “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now”) and the “Antifa” group, a far-left militant group which goes around the country beating people up who disagree with them.  Though I wish Trump didn’t pick as many fights with the mainstream media, he is 100% correct to call them “fake news.”  CNN, MSNBC, and other networks are heavily biased against President Trump as can be seen by the graphs below.  There is nothing Trump could possibly have done after Charlottesville to pacify them.

I watched that press conference.  The only ones unhinged since Charlottesville are the media.  Nothing but constant interruptions and badgering by the press when Trump doesn’t disavow the KKK every 10 seconds.  Did they ever do that to Saint Barack?  Did they ever show such vile disrespect?  Donald Trump calls them “fake news” and that moniker is absolutely 100% deserved.  These same dishonest media said nothing while Barack Obama was exploiting every opportunity, every shooting to try to race-bait and divide America.  The media and Democrats STILL try to do that.

Here’s what happened on August 12: Neo-Nazis showed up to protest, then the Anti-fa groups came in violently without a permit.  BOTH sides erupted in violence.  BOTH sides are extreme anti-American radicals, even if their motives are slightly different.  Yet the media completely ignores the Antifa group and gets angry when Trump pointed out the truth – that there were two despicable groups who were being violent.  That’s a fact, but the media (and even sadly some jelly-legged Republicans) are twisting Trump’s words around to imply that there were “good white supremacists” there.  They know that’s a lie.  So Trump was getting testy with the media and you know what?  He was absolutely 100% right to be frustrated.  Question after question about how HE is healing America, who HE is disavowing.  Yet these same vultures say NOTHING about “Antifa”, NOTHING about race-baiting Democrats.

Trump is NOT saying that there are “good white supremacists.”  He was telling the truth that there were several violent groups.  Donald Trump has disavowed white supremacism over and over and over again.  He has disavowed David Duke and white supremacy over and over and over again.  David Duke is persona non-grata in the Republican Party.  The media doesn’t care. They are angry about the election and there is nothing they won’t do to ruin Trump, and our nation itself.  Given the relentless attacks from the mainstream media, Democrats, and even liberal Republicans day after day, of course he’s going to defend himself!

You can clearly see by now an intense anti-Trump bias from the left.  Just look at a few graphs from a study by Harvard Shorenstein Center and the Media Research Center below illustrating the negative skew of Trump’s coverage and why we call them “fake news.”  CNN and NBC’s coverage is 93% negative! No wonder they’re slipping big time in the ratings.

Source: Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, “News Coverage of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days” by Thomas E. Patterson 5/18/2017



Source: Media Research Center “Honeymoon from Hell: The Liberal Media vs. President Trump” by Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella 4/19/2017

There are legitimate reasons to be critical of Donald Trump and I’ve spelt those out several times.  But the left (and even some RINO Republicans) has absolutely NO sense of proportion.  They are incapable of just being critical, everything Trump does is disastrous to them. If Trump were to walk on water, the headline the next day would be “Trump Unable to Swim”.  They were completely embarrassed last November 8 and are hell-bent on taking down not only the Trump Presidency, but conservatism and America itself.  The media will not report any of the Antifa activities, yet Donald Trump is expected to denounce David Duke and white supremacy every two days?  While Democrats refuse to do the same thing for radical groups like Antifa? Why are local officials telling their police force to stand down when these thugs violently attack conservatives, and anyone else who disagrees with them?  The media would rather risk losing all credibility, even risk America as we know it fail, than heaven forbid make Donald Trump look good.  Sadly we are also seeing this from some Republicans as well.  “RINO”s like John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who are either too scared to act like a majority, and/or are angry that Trump will bring an end to business-as-usual in Washington, and are thus deliberately undermining him.

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Now there is one very important point about Charlottesville that is largely being ignored: Where were the police and why weren’t they enforcing the law?

A fringe white nationalist alt-right group, despite weeks of planning, was only able to attract a mere 500 participants.  There were 1,000 law enforcement officers there, in other words two police per protester.  There is no way that this should ever have escalated to violence, but instead of doing their job and maintaining rule of law, the police simply stood by and watched.  Why is almost nobody talking about that story?  If we can’t walk down the street safely because people feel enabled to react violently to speech they disagree with, if we’re not safe, we can’t be free.  At that point, who’s right and who’s wrong doesn’t even matter anymore.  How did our country get to the point where both sides of a political issue can’t just debate, agree to disagree, and then compromise? How did we get to the point where our opponents cannot just be wrong, they have to be evil?  America’s towns and cities are capitulating to armed mobs who have no interest in civil debate.  And the media obsession and counter protests only add fuel to the fire.  The logic of rioters goes something like this:  “If you disagree with me, even try to call for reason, then you are a fascist, the rules of civility don’t apply to you anymore, and I am therefore justified in beating you over the head with a stick.”  This is what should concern every civilized person, because the increased violence and terror attacks is in my opinion very worrying.  This is a violent band of thugs within the far-left Progressive movement.  They show up for the sole purpose of perpetrating violence and intimidation against anyone who disagrees with them.  America is a good, diverse, tolerant, and accepting nation.  We also have constitutionally protected free speech.  And part of tolerance requires respecting that right, peacefully listening to both sides, and if offended we say our peace and walk away.  But these left-wing groups don’t give a damn about tolerance.  If they did then why do they shout down and label anyone they disagree with as racist?  It’s always the groups who demand “tolerance” the loudest who tend to be in actuality the least tolerant among us.

This meme pretty much sums up the attitude of the left wing in America:

If you want the white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups to go away, JUST IGNORE THEM!  All of the mayors telling the white nationalist groups to stay away, are in effect daring those groups to come to their town.  If the officials in Charlottesville had done their job, then I’m reasonably certain that much of the violence and death could have been prevented, and this would have been simply a marginalized fringe group of 500 white supremacists, no one would pay them any mind and they’d soon be forgotten.  But when we let violence and mob rule take the place of reasoned, intelligent, and informed debate, there are no winners.  We are always talking about having conversations about, and respecting our differences, so I think it is well past time we got started.  Don’t you?

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