Open Letter to the GOP Congress

Dear Republican Members of Congress:

I write this letter out of extreme concern about not only the direction of our country, but of the direction of the party leading it.  I feel it’s my duty to inform you that the Republicans are currently the majority party in Congress.  I’ll be blunt: Why won’t you at least TRY to implement the agenda that WE voted you in for, the mandate that WE gave you?  It’s sickening to watch this majority we all worked so achieve to death being completely flushed down the toilet. 

To those on the Freedom Caucus, you have my heartfelt thanks.  For those who make up the Republican wing of the Democrat party, it’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way.  We put you in control for a reason.

The Republican Party, and conservatives in general, have had messaging problems for a long time. The Democrats have announced that they are dedicated to fighting back, and digging their heels to resist our agenda with their last breath.  Give them credit, the Democrats fight and scrap for every victory even if their policies suck.  I don’t see that level of fight coming from the GOP.  The Republicans are always reacting, always on the defensive.  So, the Democrats, despite being at their lowest level of power in a century, are winning!  Instead of hearing about all the great things that Trump and the Republicans are doing for our country, it’s Donald Trump who is having to needlessly defend himself and his family from one cooked-up Russia collusion theory after another.

With every failure to act, you give the Democrats hope, give them momentum, give them a chance to get in front of the cameras and tell anyone willing to hear what horrible mean vicious racists Republicans are who hate the poor and minorities.

Why do we allow narratives to sit out there that repealing and replacing Obamacare will be “killing 20 million people and throwing them off health care?” Or that giving Americans tax reform are “favors for the super-rich”?  Why are we letting them win the culture war?  We’ve allowed the hard left to create a culture and a narrative that paints any attempt to roll back the progressive machine and control our borders as mean spirited, and we have not had any concerted effort to neutralize those irresponsible and misleading characterizations.  The opposition has already made up their mind that their “platform” is to simply be the resistance.  They have no ideas except to call our conservative policies racist and xenophobic.  It’s time to turn the culture war back on the liberals and start branding them as socialists and obstructionists, and not worry about what names they’re going to call us every time we take their toys away.

We appear to have a two-tiered justice system.  The Democrats are walking all over our President and the Republican agenda right now.  Robert Mueller’s investigation only came at the machinations and contrivance of James Comey, the one who leaked the White House memos in the first place! Yet we hear not a peep when Mueller stacks his team with Democrat donors and counsel from the Clinton Foundation?  I have no problem with investigating the possibility of Russian interference in our election but the Congressional committees are allowing it to be the lead news story and turned into a witch-hunt against our President, while almost ignoring:

  • Hillary Clinton’s private server scandal. What about the suspicious meeting between Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch on the airplane days before Comey announced that no charges were recommended? Followed by Loretta Lynch pressuring James Comey to downplay the email server investigation.
  • Unmasking and illegal leaking of raw intelligence about Flynn and other Trump associates.
  • James Comey leaking a confidential memo to the NY Times, engineered to trigger a special counsel, “coincidentally” headed by his old mentor Robert Mueller who has serious conflicts of interest.
  • The Clinton Uranium One Scandal, including 7-figure donation after signing off on 20% of US uranium and Bill doubling his speaking fees in Moscow.
  • DNC server hacking, and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s refusal to hand over servers.
  • Alleged Ukrainian collusion with DNC and Clinton.
  • The Trump Fake News Dossier from Fusion GPS, a professional smear firm, which has ties to the Democrats and Planned Parenthood, funded by Clinton allies. Put together by Christopher Steele of Britain, attributed to “Russian sources.”

Paul Ryan was interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News and promised repeal & replace and tax reform in 200 days.  The only way to re-claim American conservative values is to start mercilessly smashing the Democrat liberal agenda beyond recognition, make corrupt Democrats pay for the endless scandals during the 2016 election cycle, and finally turn the tables and make them defend THEMSELVES for once.  If you fail to do so then when the Democrats re-take the House in 2018 we will get single payer health care, open borders, and higher taxes – all the things that the Republicans claim to be against.  The principles of Constitutional freedom that our Founders gave their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for will be all but extinct.  It will be the complete and total fault of the Congressional Republicans because you can’t get organized, and do what we put you in power to do – to finally take down the socialist progressive liberal agenda that is sending our nation off a cliff.

The difference is that the Democrats play to win.  For decades, the big government progressive policies have come in waves: The New Deal, The Great Society, and Obamacare.  During that same time, despite all the failures of said policies, the Republicans have failed to arrest or roll back any of it.  When the GOP has had the opportunities to undo big-government policies, get our debt under control, secure our borders, and reduce the size of government, they time and again fumble the ball and fail.  We voted Democrats out of office in droves because of Obamacare.  Do you really think that we won’t do the same to you if you refuse to undo it?

Even when we do manage to trim their plans around the edges, then as soon as they get back in power they simply resume their plan for open borders, single payer health care and runaway spending. Now we hear that there is a “Problem Solvers Caucus” of Republicans working with Democrats to KEEP Obamacare.  So even though WE have the majority, and the Democrats have already made up their mind that they are the party of obstruction, we’re actually crawling to Democrats and letting them dictate the terms of Obamacare repeal?  This is an outrage!  If they’re going to be obstructionists (including not even recognizing the legitimacy of our President and boycotting the inauguration) then to hell with them.  If the House Republicans are so incapable of acting like they have a majority, then they should step down and let some lawmakers take over who actually give a damn about the conservative legislation that the Republicans pretend to care about every two years.

Let’s not mistake: The Democrats, including Obama administration holdovers in the intelligence agencies, have declared war on our President.   They have decided that their strategy is going to be to petulantly mope in the corner and stomp their feet.  There is no swamp deep enough that they won’t sink into, no confidential information they won’t leak, no conspiracy theory too outrageous, no pejorative too controversial.   They are hoping to just run out the clock and then blame the Republicans in 2018 and you are playing right into their hands.  This has been their goal since November 9.   We are up against people who don’t play by the rules.  The time for bipartisanship is over.   We stood by for decades while the Progressive left declared war on us and we cowered in the corner afraid of being called racists.  What the hell is it going to take before we put our foot down, show the liberals who’s boss, and start laying down the law?  We are now seeing the beginning of the Democrats’ end game.  A total welfare state, open borders, single payer health care, unfettered immigration and refugees.   The American people elected Donald Trump to put an end to this, show that NO ONE is above the law, and finally make America great again.  The Congress needs to either fulfill the mandate that we the voters gave them, or get out of the way.

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