Blueprint For Change


Blueprint for Taking America Back

 Preamble – Grassroots:

Most of us will agree that our nation has problems.  We seem unable to get any meaningful health care reform, tax cuts, or get Congress to build a border wall.  While legislative change is needed, and we need to seriously think who we’re voting into office, I think that focusing on this bill or that election is only treating the symptoms.

We need to change the narrative for this country.  Even if we have 8 great years of Trump followed by 8 great years of Mike Pence, that won’t even make a dent in the Progressive agenda without a strong grassroots-based culture change.  Instead of simply focusing on the cure, how about prevention as well?

I am not going to focus this plan on legislation, or what Donald Trump and Congress needs to do.  While those are important, they are in my opinion, treating the symptoms rather than the problem.  Sooner or later, Democrats will take control again.  Executive orders are temporary.  Legislation lasts a few years.  Supreme Court Justices last a generation.  True structural change will transcend generations.  The aim here is an unwinding of the Progressive movement that slowly but surely eroded our freedoms over a 100+ year period.  I will focus on four fronts that our battle to take back America must be founded on.  If we have a culture change in America then slowly but surely, we could get change in Washington if we make it very clear that we’re watching.

 First front: Social Media and the Culture War

I believe in America and Americans.  Donald Trump’s victory proves that despite the noise made by a tiny but vocal minority, Americans believe in small government, self-reliance, low taxes and low spending.  But the left has had major media and popular culture on their side.  I give Americans credit for knowing B.S. when they see it. It’s just that for a while, they’ve been getting mostly only one side of the story.I cringe when I go to tweets and YouTube posts and see that there are really people who believe that people’s cradle-to-grave well-being is the job of the government, and that they can simply take money from the so-called “one percent” by declaring anything good as a “right.”   I do believe that most Americans regardless of ideology know that the leftist agenda doesn’t work – the main problem is that we haven’t put our side of the story out there.  I believe that the vast majority of Americans ARE libertarian, they just don’t know it.

So why do we allow narratives to sit out there that repealing and replacing Obamacare will be “killing 20 million people and throwing them off health care?” Or that giving Americans tax reform are “favors for the super-rich”?  Why are we letting them win the culture war?  We’ve allowed the hard left to create a culture and a narrative that paints any attempt to roll back the progressive machine and control our borders as mean spirited, and we have not had any concerted effort to neutralize those irresponsible and misleading characterizations.

We have the majority and it’s time we made our presence known.  While the hard-left social justice warriors are likely beyond saving and we can’t prevent them from expressing their opinion, we can neutralize their opinions by exposing the truth.

A YouTube comment praising Bernie Sanders socialism should be met with five exposing its evils. A Tweet demanding single-payer health care should get five pointing out the failures of single-payer in the Veterans Administration and in Western Europe. This is not “rightist indoctrination”: we have the truth on our side and Americans are receptive to it.

If it even convinces one person and that person convinces another… then our “social media army” builds.  This gives center or right-leaning viewers the ammunition and drive to demand change, even if like most of us it consists of 1-2 hours a week on social media or talking to friends and relatives.  If the left sees that we’re not running away from our principles it will be that much harder to attack.  Andrew Breitbart always said to “Walk toward the fire” and I think it’s time that we embraced our values.

It’s time for a U-turn. We need to start owning conservative values instead of running away from them, start labeling the Democrats as the racists and elitists, the ones who hate the poor and exploit identity politics for political votes.   As conservatives, we need to start controlling the culture again, something we haven’t done in over 50 years.

Second front: School choice, charters, and vouchers

 Why has the left has been winning the culture war?  Partly because they’ve controlled academia.

During the Progressive Era, politicians lobbied for child labor restrictions and mandatory schooling with this exact goal in mind.  Americans would not put up with government monopolies in any other industry, so why do we need it in education and health care?  I could go on about the arguments for school choice, vouchers, and home-schooling.  Removing the stranglehold held by the government over our education is the first domino, perhaps alongside or even before the social media solution.  The new emphasis on “college for all” means that many children will spend the bulk of the first 22 years of their life getting the government’s progressive indoctrination – teaching 5-year-olds about transgenderism and multiculturalism and high school students how America is an evil country founded on colonialism.

Everything said earlier about social media can apply here if we can neutralize the message being put out by the Academia machine.  Knowledgeable and informed youth are the worst enemy of the educational establishment, education unions, and the progressive left.  Again, we have the truth and history on our side.

“Education” is for people of all ages because as a country we have lost sight of what it means to be American.  If we learn about our history and Constitution we will understand the separation of powers, the reasons for the electoral college and Federalism.  I think that much of the calls for progressive policies are simply from lack of understanding of our founding, because civics have been taken out of our school system, replaced by judicial activism and social justice.  But how to do this?  The key is making it REAL to them.  All people are going to be more receptive to a topic if they see how it relates to them.  Create awareness for example that “free tuition” may sound good now, but there isn’t enough GDP in the country to pay for all those Democrat promises.  Use the analogy that sealing the U.S. border is no more hateful than them locking their door at night.  Income redistribution?  Fine, would it be okay if we re-distributed your exam scores so that those failing the class will be treated more “fairly?”  Again, I think that Libertarian values are the natural state of things.  Americans are smart enough to know that socialism doesn’t make sense and if asked if they’d give up some of their belongings to “help the poor” just like they want the “super rich” to pay their “fair” share, they’d soon lose enthusiasm.  If we help more of our young Americans out of the clutches of “social justice” degrees and into the workforce, there will be fewer people protest and riot at taxpayer expense.

Third front: Pressure on politicians

Now that we’ve opened people’s eyes, we have more people to help us keep Washington accountable.

Now that we have a truly educated, informed, and involved public, we can remove the corruption of leftist values being indoctrinated into America’s youth, and inoculate against the “free stuff” lies that Progressives will try to tempt us with, we will have an easier time holding Washington accountable.

An Obama economist said that the biggest factor for passing Obamacare was the “stupidity of the American voter.”  The Washington swamp hopes that we’re not paying attention.  Progressivism has as one of its core beliefs that “the masses” are not smart or informed enough to make decisions on their own, so they need government to tell them where to go to school, where to get health care, what they should and should not eat and drink.  The Progressive mantra is mainly about control, not only Socialist economic control, but control through social engineering, the nanny state, and big-government programs.

If the establishment parties know we’re paying attention, and more Americans who know how things are supposed to work start demanding change, Washington will have no choice but to fall in line, and that’s more effective than any legislation, Congressional committee, or even Supreme Court Justice.  Having an informed and active public is the best inoculation against Washington’s bad policy, unconstitutional actions, fraud and abuse.

I also want to briefly address the welfare state.  Not only is it a drain of our budget, but while some safety net is needed, it’s too open to abuse.  Why does it seem like there are many more liberal protesters than conservative?  Because most of us have jobs and are unable to live off the government, essentially having taxpayers funding anti-American rioting.  Just imagine if more people had an incentive to marry, find jobs, start families, get off the welfare system and enter the middle class.  We’d have lower social program expenses, a higher tax base, and clean up our streets at the same time.

 Of course, there are too many, even from the Republican Party, who will resist that change. Which brings me to the fourth front…

Fourth front: Article V Convention of States

 There are serious structural changes that need to be made in Washington.  We need term limits, a balanced budget amendments, tighter definitions of “general welfare” and other measures to prevent abuse of Constitutional power.  However these changes are not going to come from a Congress that is unwilling, unable, or too weak-kneed to enact change.  That change has to come from the American people and the states.  An Article V convention of states could enact a balanced budget amendment, term limits to Congress and the Supreme Court, institute more protections from over-powerful and over-reaching government, requiring direct Congressional oversight for the bloated set of bureaucrats, and other needed changes.  This is the only way to enact change that will permanently turn back the liberal progressive movement, or at least force them to start from square one, and the next time, we’ll be ready for them.


Even with 8 great years of Trump followed by 8 great years of Mike Pence or Ted Cruz, it won’t even make a dent in the Progressive agenda without a strong grassroots-based culture change.  We need to start owning conservative values instead of running away from them, start labeling the Democrats as the racists and elitists, the ones who hate the poor and exploit identity politics for political votes.   As conservatives, we need to have more of a fighting spirit and start controlling the culture again, something we haven’t done in over 50 years.  Social media will spread our message, improving education will break the liberal chain of control, and when we start demanding for and getting structural change, we can start to turn around the Progressive machine.


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