Letter to my Congressperson

I address this letter to the Republicans in the House of Representatives at large.  I am completely flummoxed.  You promised us full repeal of Obamacare. What you barely passed a few months ago wasn’t even close.  You’ve been promising this for six years.  Yet we see complete inaction in the House. We see our President get dragged into one fake scandal after another by the media and the Democrats.  And the GOP leadership in Congress stands by impotently and does nothing.  You are breaking your promise to your voters, failing to stand up for President Trump, defend his agenda, or drain the swamp.  You have both houses and the White House.  The House passed show votes for full repeal SIXTY-EIGHT separate times when you knew President Obama would veto it, and yet despite having seven years to prepare you can’t get full repeal voted on?  Why did you not have tax cuts and complete repeal waiting on Donald Trump’s desk on January 20?  Why aren’t you doing your jobs?  Why do you refuse to fund Trump’s border wall.  It’s what Trump and nearly all Republicans ran on.  Between failing Obamacare and high taxes, real Americans are suffering while you all squabble about committees and Congressional procedure. This is not what we elected you for.

I’m sick and tired of time and time again the Republican Party stealing defeat from the jaws of victory, and being completely unwilling or unable to fight for the Conservative values that we elected you to enact.  The party is proving itself utterly feckless and completely devoid of any backbone.  The Democrats are winning every battle right now, controlling every narrative, because you seem to be unwilling or unable to stand up to them and stand up for our President.  Each day new information on a scandal by Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice or another Obama official and it’s TRUMP and Russia that’s being talked about on the news?  Why are you indulging the Democrats by even TALKING about Russia?  Why are you not keeping the focus on the Republican conservative agenda and why are you condoning this useless waste of taxpayer money on Robert Mueller’s special counsel, which I also notice is stacked with Democrat donors and Clinton Foundation lawyers?  All the evidence that is coming out about Hillary Clinton’s email server and the cover-up, about Susan Rice’s unmasking, Fast & Furious, the IRS Scandal.  Yet the Democrats want to attack and impeach our President every time a relative meets with a Russian lawyer, and the Congress GOP does NOTHING?!  I don’t see anyone from the GOP even trying to stand up for our President, trying to pass his policy, or trying to clean out the Washington swamp.

The only way for the Democrats to take back Congress is 2018 is the failure of the Republicans to keep their promises; and at present you are handing victory to them on a silver platter.  If you let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers and allow the Democrats to come back into power, if we are talking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a year from now, your voters will NEVER EVER forget this betrayal.  You will lose your majorities and will have only your own incompetence and fecklessness to blame.

If the House GOP leadership is unwilling to get its act together, put in the time and effort needed and start acting like a majority and keep their campaign promises, then they will get all the recess they want starting in January 2019.  True conservatives will not let that happen, even if it means we have to primary out half the party to do so.  If you can’t gather the backbone to do what you need to do, then kindly step aside and let people have a chance who actually give a damn about passing a Conservative agenda.

The GOP is in the best position it’s been in 100 years.  You have the House, the Senate, and the White House. You control at least one house in 44 states, and both houses in 32 states.  The Democrats have lost 1,000 state-level seats since Obama became President.  This has occurred because the American people are tired of left-wing identity politics and socialist policy.  We got tired of demanding single-payer health care while veterans are dying.  We got tired of putting the “rights” of illegal aliens over the safety of our citizens.  We got tired of seeing taxes and inflation rise while wages remained stagnant.  We got tired of the Federal government trying to ram down Common Core and transgender bathroom policies while holding our tax money hostage. The Republicans have gained Congress and the White House precisely because the Democrats were not responsive to everyday Americans like the good folks in Eastern Washington.  The American people gave you a mandate in 2010, 2014, and 2016.  We elected you specifically to repeal Obamacare, balance our budget, bring down our debt, bring tax reform and secure our border.  Your election was a direct response of the Democrats refusal to do so.  The Republicans would do well to remember thatYour inaction is not going unnoticed.  We put you in power because you promised to undo the liberal Obama policies, and what have we voters seen for our efforts?  Nothing but excuses, empty promises, and inaction!

  • Where is Obamacare repeal?
  • Where is the swamp draining?
  • Where are the true spending cuts?
  • Where are tax cuts?
  • Where is the border wall funding?
  • Why aren’t non-essential departments and agencies being closed?

President Trump faces countless baseless accusations every time his name and Russia are used in the same sentence.  He’s being subjected to a kangaroo court of a special counsel that is unnecessary (it only came about through James Comey’s contrivance) and being stacked with Democrat donors and Clinton lawyers despite Comey’s own testimony that there’s nothing to investigate.  There’s no evidence for any of it, yet while all this is happening…

  • Where is the grand jury and special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server and the cover-up?
  • Where is the investigation of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s “golf and grandkids” meeting and the connection to Lynch quashing the investigation into Hillary?
  • Where is the grand jury and special prosecutor investigating the Clinton Foundation?
  • Where is the grand jury and special prosecutor investigating Hillary Clinton’s Russian Uranium One Deal?
  • Why aren’t Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton being put under oath and grand juries convened?
  • Why aren’t the White House and Intelligence un-maskers and leakers being aggressively hunted down and prosecuted?
  • And most importantly why is this sham of a Mueller investigation being allowed to continue?

The utter inaction by Congress on any of these matters is infuriating.  I have to admire one thing about the Democratic Party.  They have principle, misguided as it is.  Majority or minority, whether their policies are good or destructive, they dig in and fight, scratch and claw with everything they’ve got for every policy and every narrative.  They wasted no time in 2009 ramming Obamacare down our throats.  President Obama smugly announced that “elections have consequences” and that Republicans “can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”  Day in and out we hear talk of all the Obama administration scandals of the last eight years yet I don’t see ANY attempt to get a special counsel for THEM or bring THEM in front of a grand jury.  If I didn’t know any better I’d think the Democrats were in the majority right now.  There’s a saying that Republicans hold office, but Democrats hold power.  It certainly seems true right now.

You have an opportunity to reverse decades of liberal policy and big government, drain the swamp, and bring real structural reform to Washington.  It’s OUR turn to show that elections have consequences, OUR turn to make the Democrats sit in the back. It’s time to start ramming every piece conservative agenda down the Democrats’ throats until they beg for mercy.  It’s time to drag Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and James Comey in front of grand juries. The Democrats have no power, yet they seem to have all the power.  Let me be clear: If the Democrat liberal agenda is not mercilessly smashed beyond recognition into a million pieces, then when they ultimately return to power (which will be sooner rather than later if the GOP doesn’t get its act together) they will simply pick up where they left off and enact single-payer and more socialist/globalist policy.  The GOP doesn’t seem to have the backbone to do what it needs to do and what WE put you in power to do.

In my opinion, to prevent this, the Republican Congress needs to make the following high priorities, all of which you should be able to pass with the nearly unprecedented control that Americans have given you:

  • Keep your promise to fully repeal Obamacare and replace it with free market solutions.
  • Adopt the tax plan of Donald Trump and the Heritage Foundation, deeply slash rates and remove tiers to get more money in Americans’ pockets and get business going.
  • Make sure the border wall gets built and we get our illegal immigration under control, up to and including repeal of DACA and DREAM Act, and banning sanctuary cities.
  • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment that will aim toward getting our 12-figure debt and unfunded liabilities under control.
  • Shut down or severely limit the power and budget of agencies that are either useless abusing their power, such as the EPA, Dept. of Education, IRS, Dept. of Energy, and the DEA.
  • Bring our welfare state under control. Remove the abuse, waste, and fraud that are robbing taxpayers’ money and giving recipients’ incentives not to marry or find employment.
  • Migrate public entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to more efficient private options.

We are loyal Americans, we voted for you and for Trump, we want you to succeed.  We’re on your side.  But the House’s continued inaction is not going unnoticed. We are watching, we’re paying attention, and we will do anything we have to do within the law to make sure that one way or another, through legislation or primary elections, we have Congressional representatives who are willing to do their job as Conservatives and keep their promises.  Thank you for reading.


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