Fake News, Russia, and The Swamp

Donald Trump recently stated that no politician has been attacked as much as he had.  Maybe there’s some hyperbole to this, but there’s no question that the media, which has always leaned left, has found a new level of rage since Donald Trump was elected President.  A recent Harvard study by the Tim Graham Media Research Center finds that Trump’s press coverage was 80% negative during his first hundred days.  The negative coverage of Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama was 60, 57, and 41% respectively. CNN and MSNBC gave Trump 93% negative coverage.  Donald Trump is far from perfect, but no reasonable person would say that he’s doing the wrong thing more than 90% of the time.  According to the study, “Fox was the only news outlet in the study that came close to giving Trump positive coverage overall, however, there was variation in the tone of Fox’s coverage depending on the topic.”

I’ve put together a video compilation of what I’m talking about:

CNN & MSNBC so laser-focused on Trump mania that they neglected reporting on the Manchester UK bombing for over an hour.

Harvard Media Bias study

Fake News Roundup

There’s nothing to see here.  No evidence, just hype from The Swamp

We have currently a very troubling state in Washington. The Democrats in Congress, the liberal media, the extreme left-leaning academia, they are jumping to conclusions, they are making up lies anything they can do they don’t care if it’s true or not. They just want to get him in any way possible.  They have damaged their reputation and can no longer be trusted.

We used to live in a time when people could agree to disagree. We used to live in a time where even if you disagreed with your opponent you were able to engage in civil debate. Our friends, coworkers and neighbors had the same variety of political opinions and maybe we were even just as polarize as we are today.  But it didn’t matter.  Today’s Democrats, academia, and the mainstream media are not interested in debate. They are not interested in the truth. We have Democrats in Congress who will not even meet with Donald Trump, and who’ve decided that they’re going to block his agenda, insult him at every turn, make up lies about Russia (even when there’s no evidence) and launch personal attacks disguised as news.  And all of that is much more of a threat to our democracy than anything about which they can make up about Donald Trump.

To Summarize:

  • Maxine Waters literally accusing Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric of coming directly from the Kremlin.
  • Democrat lawmakers making hateful allegations with no proof, and then the media reporting them as settled fact.
  • CNN anchor (not commentator) shouting down a former Marine for daring to question the reliability of anonymous sources accusing Donald Trump of giving state secrets to Russia.
Tinfoil hat time


The media narrative is one where President Trump, and anyone with conservative views, is regularly accused of racism simply for disagreeing with liberal policies, especially those of former President Barack Obama.

Let’s just take a step back for a moment.  Next time you hear these accusations on the news, or coming from the mouthpieces on Capitol Hill, I want you to think critically, step back and ask yourself, “Ok, let’s think about this reasonably.  What exactly do they think happened?  What evidence is there?  What are the sources? Does this sound credible?”

Did Russia try to interfere in our election? Possibly. Did they succeed? Did anything they do actually change the election results question that is a very slim possibility. In fact, there’s no evidence.  Whom did he collude with? How exactly did the collusion take place?  The media has been against Donald Trump from day one.  They will make up anything they have to even if there is no evidence.  Meanwhile Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been implicated in so many scandals and the Democrats keep ignoring the fact, telling us we’re being racist, and saying that there’s nothing to see here!


I was a Democrat back when they at least pretended to be the “party of the people.”  In my day, and in the days of my parents and grandparents, Democrats stood for the middle and working class, personal freedom, and lower taxes.  Even people like former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid had spoken out against illegal immigration.  The Democratic Party is now the party of open borders, socialized medicine, 71 genders, and political correctness.  They would put rather let terrorists into our country than hurt the feelings of Muslims. They would see 16-year old girls get raped in their high school bathroom by illegal immigrants rather than enforce our immigration laws.  They are more interested in allowing transgendered people to use the bathroom of their choice and keeping the inner cities dependent on welfare than actually pass laws that would grow our economy and bring down our TWENTY TRILLION dollar debt.

The Democratic Party has become an unrecognizable shell of its former self.  They are incapable of just disagreeing with Trump and the Republicans.  They are out to utterly destroy them, and when I see them lashing out at everything and anything Trump, out of pure spite and inability to handle the election, I can honestly say that the Democratic Party that I was a part of for so many years no longer exists.


As I’ve said in a previous entry, the era of Walter Cronkite is over.  If you’ve been watching the Mainstream Media over the past couple of weeks, you might be tempted to believe that Donald Trump’s administration is falling apart, he’s on the verge of impeachment, and that the Republicans are evil rich white people who hate poor people and immigrants because they want a fairer tax structure and to secure our borders.

The New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN, by reporting every small leak and rumor as if they’re bombshells “proving” that Trump needs to be impeached have ceased to be news organizations.  Their job has become propaganda arm of the radical left.  The Harvard study has shown that Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days has shown “a new standard for negativity.”

They never predicted a Trump victory.  They were so sure that Hillary Clinton would be the next president, and they were so wrong, that they cannot handle the thought of a Donald Trump presidency. They are on a mission, determined to take down Donald Trump by any means possible, journalistic ethics, truth-seeking, and integrity be damned.  You can see it in the news coverage – every hour of every day it’s a new conspiracy theory, a constant barrage of attacks. Just read the studies:

Not to mention that the Washington Post has already been wrong several times!   They reported that Comey was fired after seeking more money for investigations.  Second claiming that the POTUS leaked classified info to Russia, even though everyone in the room said otherwise, and then claimed falsely that there was a memo saying Trump interfered in the Michael Flynn investigation.  The reporters want to impeach a President based on anonymous witnesses and a memo nobody’s seen?  These stories coming amount to nothing more than tabloid hit pieces completely devoid of any sense of responsible journalism.

Donald Trump has called these organizations fake news, and he’s absolutely right. And anyone who believes that the media would play nice with Trump if he got off Twitter and started acting more “presidential” is out of their mind.  We elected Donald Trump simply BECAUSE he’s un-Presidential.  We elected a wrecking ball who would clean up Washington and end the corruption.  But to quote Steve Bannon from CPAC, “They are corporatist globalist media who are diametrically opposed to the economic nationalist agenda that President Trump presents… they are going to continue to fight. If they think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are mistaken. Every day, it is going to be a fight.”


I might take these Congressional calls for investigators and special counsel a little more seriously if they at least were consistent in their approach.  Where was the same outrage…

  • when Hillary Clinton was careless with classified data and sending top-secret information using her personal email server. Multiple felonies described by James Comey. Did the Democrats investigate that?
  • when Barack Obama used the IRS to attack Conservative political groups?
  • when Barack Obama sent operatives to interfere in Israel’s election to defeat Benjamin Netinyahu?
  • when Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, signed off on a deal giving 20 percent of U.S. Uranium to Putin’s control right after the seller of the interests, Canada’s Uranium One, donates millions to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton gets paid $500,000 to give a speech to a Russian bank?

  • when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch mysteriously meet on a private airplane just before James Comey decides that Hillary should not be prosecuted, saying it was about golf and grandchildren?
  • when there was evidence through WikiLeaks that there was collusion between CNN and Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media completely ignored it?
  • evidence was uncovered that Susan Rice ordered unmasking of U.S. citizens gathered in intelligence data, and then SOMEONE leaked that information to the media. That is a felony!  And there’s NO talk of investigating that, just chasing rumors about Donald Trump.
  • when Clinton and Obama’s reckless policies led to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.  Then lied about the attack being caused by a video, even lying to the families of the fallen soldiers.  Where was media scrutiny then?
  • Obama administration used NSA to spy on Americans in violation of 4th Amendment rights.  In the final days before Trump’s inauguration, Obama admitted doing so and was chastized by FISA Court. Where were the calls for impeachment?

But when the slightest hint that someone in the Trump Administration may have spoken to Russian officials, or an anonymous source talks about a something that James Comey may have written on a memo, the slightest rumor or media narrative that Trump officials may have spoken with Russia…  “OH MY GOD RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA HE MUST HAVE COLLUDED HE MUST BE PUTIN’S LAPDOG HE HAS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!”  The utter hypocrisy of the liberals in this country truly knows no bounds!  Take a chill pill, people.  There is nothing there.  Repeat: There is nothing there.

Democrats going INSANE

Let’s take a step back from rumor, partisanship and Democrat narratives for just a minute, and examine what we know:  Donald Trump made a poor judgement in hiring Michael Flynn.  He resigned.  James Comey was incompetent and he was fired.  Only afterward is there some rumor that Comey had some memo (which no one has seen) that stated Donald Trump hoped that he would found nothing against Flynn suddenly becomes obstruction.  And then as I’m writing this, there is a NYT article where Trump supposedly called Comey a “nut job” to the Russian diplomat.  Well that’s not news, he said the same thing on CBS already.  James Clapper, James Comey, Sally Yates, even Diane Feinstein have stated that there is no investigation and no evidence whatsoever that there was any “collusion” between Russia and Donald Trump.  When you stand back and look at the big picture, ask yourself, is there really anything going on here?

Donald Trump’s “Impeacher-in-Chief” Rep. Maxine Waters of Californiaeven admitted herself that she wanted Comey fired, and would have wanted a President Clinton to do it, but when Donald Trump does it, it’s obstruction of justice.  On what planet does that make sense?  This is further proof that Democrats in Congress are so divorced from reality and common sense that their hypocrisy is finally being exposed.  They have been trying to get Donald Trump impeached since November 9, 2016.  They are completely pissed that Hillary lost, that the crown was taken away from their heir apparent to King Barack. They were wrong, they were embarrassed, and now they are out for blood – they have made it their mission to take down Donald Trump by any means possible.  Instead of at least trying to work with this administration to improve America, they have made it their full-time job to tear down the Trump administration. The ONLY hate, intolerance, division, and racism I’m seeing right now is coming from the left.  Honestly, I haven’t seen the Democratic Party this upset since slavery was abolished!


Still Donald Trump is not completely blameless or a perfect President either.  I have concerns about his staffing and  the communication level inside the Executive Branch.  The “deep state” intelligence agencies and  Obama administration have been spying and leaking confidential data on opposition candidates and transition teams for political purposes, and to undermine the Trump administration.  Banana Republics and third-world dictatorships do that!  For a moment, forget that this was against Donald Trump.  Think about the nation.  Right now rogue intelligence agents are spying on U.S. Citizens and releasing confidential information about them to the press for personal, political use and legal intimidation.  Are you okay with that?  If so, then you’d better hope someone from the IRS or CIA doesn’t take an interest in you, or someone you talk on the phone with! This is a threat to our nation and our democracy.  This isn’t about Democrat and Republican any more, this is about tearing our country apart to serve political purposes.  They have no concern for our nation, no respect for our Presidency, much less the man occupying the role. To paraphrase a quote from “Game of Thrones”, these “Deep State” leakers would see this country burn if [they] could be king of the ashes. I am tired of seeing leaks happened from the White House, tired of news organizations believing that any ends-justify-the-means. They want Trump out of office so badly, they don’t care who they hurt, don’t care what national security they put at stake.


Where are the Republicans in all this?  I really hope that we pass healthcare legislation soon so that GOP Congressmen can get that spinal implant they’ve all need.  It’s real easy to pass a resolution for Obamacare in 2015 when it has a certainty of being vetoed, but now that it’s for real, some of the motives of the RINOs like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and even John McCain are becoming clear.  They don’t like Trump, they’ve never supported him.  I’ve been very upset that the “moderate” Republicans seem to be capitulating to the Democrats, not fulfilling their own campaign promises, and slow-walking Trump’s legislation.  At the very hint of a government shut-down they are so afraid of the Democrats blaming them that they don’t even use their power of the purse.  Donald Trump ran on the wall, repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes.  These Congressmen ran on many of those exact same things and now at the slightest hint of Democrat resistance, they cower in fear and give in.  Can someone please let these cowards know that the GOP has its largest political advantage in almost 100 years and they’re frittering it all way by the incompetence of their leadership?

I’m afraid that for many Republicans, the only difference between them and the Democrats is that the Democrats are OPENLY opposing Trump, where the “never-Trumpers” such as John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are doing so behind closed doors.


So if there is anyone who still gets their information from CNN and Late Night comedians, I provide the following list of facts that they have been deprived of:

  • Fact #1. There is no evidence of any type that Russia did anything that changed the results of the 2016 election.
  • Fact #2: Even if such information did surface, there is no evidence of any sort tying this back to Trump.  Can I guarantee that?  No.  But the media is latching on to every anonymous source and rumor and declaring it as settled fact.  Donald Trump calls them “the fake news” and they 100% deserve it.  They made their bed now they can’t complain that the sheets smell.
  • Fact #3: Hillary Clinton lost the campaign because she’s a liar, she’s in scandals up to her teeth, she has no message, doesn’t relate to the voters, and called half the population “irredeemable deplorables.”  It was not because of Russia, or Jim Comey, or misogyny, or white supremacy.
  • Fact #4: These are not the Democrats of John F. Kennedy, not even of Franklin Roosevelt.  The modern Democratic Party has been dragged to the left by extreme left-wing fascism.
  • Fact #5: The mainstream media, which has had a left-wing lean for a long time (but was once able to at least be objective) has now made it their mission to not only take down the Trump Administration by any means possible, but destroy the Conservative movement, destroy American values and rip apart the very fabric of our nation.


We are not educating our children anymore about the Founding values of our country, about our nation, our Constitution, our history, our government, and our American values.  The extreme left, which has a stranglehold on our children and our schools, has painted a narrative that America is bad and that any voice that challenges their extreme propaganda is somehow evil or a white supremacist.  It is time to take back America. We need to start attacking back. We need to take back our schools and universities. The media is there to hold politicians accountable.  But sooner or later we have to ask – Who is holding the media accountable?

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