Fundamentally Un-Transforming America

There has been a lot of talk among Conservative and Libertarian circles about this and that that legislation we need, what Trump should do, and what Congress should do.  The healthcare plan or tax reform or the border wall.  While these are important, they’re just treating the symptoms.   If we really want to bring Conservative and  Libertarian values back to our nation, and defeat the “progressive” left that aims to fundamentally transform America, we are going to go back to our own roots and remember how we became the shining city on the hill in the first place.

Progressivism is a cancer that has been metastasizing for a hundred years or more.  It’s been insidiously reaching its tentacles into our cultural center.  It dominates our Academic system, our Hollywood movie and music industries, and worst of all, even our mainstream new media. Look no further than the recent debacles at University of California Berkeley for evidence of their handiwork.  This is a very serious matter.  The Progressive plan is to take the America that we all grew up with, the nation that was a beacon to immigrants throughout the world, and rebuild it into a Socialist utopia that would be utterly unrecognizable to our grandparents’ generation, much less the Founding Fathers.  I would strongly recommend a book that I’ve just finished reading, “America: Imagine the World Without Her” by Dinesh D’Souza which does a good job shedding a light on what Progressives really want to turn us into.  There’s also an accompanying movie for people like me with shorter attention spans. 🙂  But we cannot say, “Hillary was defeated, the war is won.”  The war is just beginning.  We cannot rest on our laurels.  To borrow a line from Revenge of the Sith, The Democrats are relentless.  If their policies are not all destroyed it will be Civil War without end.  Progressives believe that America is a bad nation that needs to apologize for its history of stealing wealth and land. They believe that wealth needs to be re-distributed by an all-benevolent government. They do not believe in free speech, and they’re only tolerant to views that agree with theirs.  If we’re going to take America back to its roots,  if we are going to defeat progressivism, we need three things:

Step one: we need to attack the root of the problem – our education system; when you look at Academia right now whether it’s K through 12 or whether it’s the university system these institutions that were always left-leaning have now become dominated by SJWs and progressives.

Step two: We need to help Americans educate themselves on the history of our country and of our constitution end of the structure of our government.  Too often, good and well-meaning people debate politics without being informed on the issues. I’m not blaming them.  Many are mainstream Democrats who are good people and want what’s best for America, but through Academia and the Education system, they have been led down a path of misinformation.  For example, take the Electoral College.  The “common notion” is that it sounds un-Democratic, it’s a relic of the Founding Era and needs to be abolished.  But a lack of thorough Civics Education in our schools has led to a misunderstanding of the purpose of the Electoral College, our system of government, and our founding values.  I think if someone is going to debate matters like that, it’s important to read a few books and get the un-Progressivised version of history.  As a society we talk about valuing education, but education goes beyond the classroom – it has to be in our everyday lives, and I applaud efforts such as Hillsdale College‘s American Heritage and other online courses, Nick Adams’s FLAG project, and The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative for helping shed the light on what being Americans really means.

Step three: We the People need to start demanding accountability from our government.  The worst enemy of Establishment politicians is a well-informed and active public.  Because once that happenes, once people get awoken to what is happening to our country, to our values there’s no way for Washington to spin away from that.

If there is a silver lining behind the leftist protest and riot movement it’s why it is happening now.  After all Progressivism has been coming up for a long time.  The reason is that it’s now that Donald Trump got elected and they see this as a threat.  They know they don’t have any argument; they sense the downfall of their cause and they are nervous.  We are winning!  We have them on the run and what you’re seeing in Berkeley and in Portland and in other places around the country in Academia is because they feel threatened. So we need to take advantage of that.  We need to take away the influence the overwhelming influence all of the hard left Academia.  We need to get more conservative and libertarian ideas in front of the Americans because I think that libertarianism is the natural state of things.  Libertarian principles are what drove us to seek freedom in 1776 and they’re going to be what drives us now.  I’m not suggesting we start a violent revolution of course but I think that Americans naturally tend toward Liberty and Conservatism or at least fiscal conservatism. So I don’t look at that as conservative indoctorination because I believe we have the truth on our side.

I was a liberal once and it wasn’t a sudden transformation, but long story short I started to conservative voices of people who I believed the negative hype about. At first it was somewhat against my will but as I listened more I started to see how their ideas match what I have been thinking all along.  So on one hand I would use Ronald Reagan’s answer when he said that I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.  I think the other part is that liberalism has been redefined; ideas that I used to think were liberal (and maybe they were liberal in their time) I realize that maybe I’ve simply attached the wrong labels to them. When I started seeking the truth it was an epiphany; I had to reevaluate everyone that I admired, every show and personality that I follwed (and the ones that I didn’t). I voted for Barack Obama in 2008.  I applauded in the movie theater at the end of Fahrenheit 911.  What was I thinking?  I was victim to that same to that same bubble.

So in conclusion, I think that Donald Trump, even if he does everything right in the next 8 years, we’re only treating the symptoms, not getting at the root of the problem.  The progressives have been patient – they know they’re not going to get everything right away but slowly and surely they chipped away insidiously so that by the time they were unmasked they had already made a lot of their progress.  So we need to take that same longview. Repealing Obamacare is important, so is lowering taxes, draining the swamp, and building the wall. But if we don’t undo the progressive cultural change that has been taking place in the last few decades then I hate to invoke the truism about those who don’t remember the past being doomed to repeat it.  We need to fundamentally un-transform America and to get things back on track.  The only way to do that is to make sure the public is informed, make sure they have the truth in front of them.  We need to get the message in front of our young people and I think there are many strides toward that: Hillsdale College, Nick Adams’s FLAG program, and the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative.  We are getting conservative ides in front of our young Americans so they can make an informed choice.  Once Americans are able to make informed choices there then the cultural “un-transformation” will be possible.

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