What’s with all the anti-Trump Hysteria

We used to be able to agree to disagree and still move on with our lives.  I did not support Donald Trump in the primaries, and that’s been documented a few times on this blog.  Yet he is our President now, and it seems there’s no more any middle ground with the far left in this country.  On November 9 I published an entry called “What Just Happened?” but I think it needs to be updated now that the extreme anti-Trump vitrol and increasing riots and facism being displayed by the far left has made itself more visible…

Do you want to know why Donald Trump won, or better put, why the Democrats lost?
Democrats are talking about free college, transgender bathrooms, and social justice, while the Republicans are talking about bringing jobs back, lowering taxes and regulations, bringing education back to the states, and national security.
The prognosticators and pundits in mainstream media, and the politicians in Washington and the Hollywood celebrities who told us day after day that Trump was a terrible candidate, terrible person and had no chance to win are out of touch with the American people. 
The politicians have never been outside Washington, DC.
The media elite have never been outside New York City
The Hollywood media elite have never been outside Los Angeles
Now of course they do physically leave these locations from time to time, but my point is that even then, they’re not out among the people.  They stay inside their bubble where they are so insulated from the outside world that they don’t have any idea what real Americans want.  Academia has become an echo chamber where because there are so few conservative voices; conservative thought is conveniently labeled “hate speech” so no one hears anything uncomfortable. So they only hear and speak pro-Hillary, pro-Democrat, and anti-Trump and anti-conservative rhetoric.  No one thinks to stand up and say, “Ok wait, this is wrong.  We may disagree but we need to hear all sides.”  If I spend all my time at Ivy League universities, and all I watched was NBC, CNN, and ESPN, I’d probably think that Donald Trump was the second coming of Josef Stalin myself. 
Networks like CNN have bought into the notion that Hillary Clinton was the heir apparent to the Presidency, that it was hers to lose, that Trump was just some buffoon who didn’t know what he was doing and had no chance.  A week ahead, media sites were giving Clinton a 90%+ probability.
Then the election happened, and this silent majority that the mainstream media, politicians, and celebrities have been ignoring for so long (and who were afraid to answer “Trump” to pollsters) came out and made their voices heard.
This caused such a disconnect on the part of the media.  They were trapped in their media bubbles, and ivory tower echo chambers.  They had so convinced themselves that Trump had no chance, that when he won, they couldn’t handle it.  They thought that Hillary Clinton would win because Trump was such a horrible person.  Well when Hillary didn’t win, their heads exploded.  They were embarrassed, they misread the American people.  The only way to save face is to put out the narrative that Trump was not legitimate.  We’re talking about the inflated egos of the mainstream media and Hollywood elites who were so willfully blind to the real problems of everyday Americans that “Trump is a monster” is their only escape, their only way to save face, to make 2 = 3.  There are no electoral votes in the State of Denial.
CNN, among many other mainstream news outlets, have been biased against Conservatives for a long time, yet we’ve always managed to have civil discourse, so at the end of the day, they were still trusted because we could agree to disagree, and the media, despite their bias, still managed to report the straight truth.  But the era of Walter Cronkite is over.
Because they were SO wrong about SO many things in this election, and they’ve been in an echo chamber for so long that the very notion that Donald Trump is not some monster is completely reprehensible to them.  They need an outlet for their self-inflicted rage.  If you can label the other side as racist, Nazi, and other inflammatory words (and they accuse Conservatives of being divisive) then if Conservative=Nazi, and Nazi=bad, then Conservative=bad.  In other words, for the far left in this country, conservatives cannot simply be wrong, they have to be evil.  If you label someone with such vile names as Nazi, racist, and <insert your favorite “-phobe” here>, then it’s easier to justify when you try to shut them down and destroy them.  In fact, insulting Trump and those around him may even amount to “virtue signaling,” in other words, “Hey I made fun of Trump, his advisors and his family, and I’ve convinced myself that he’s a horrible person, therefore I’m a good person because I’ve fought against evil.”
I used to watch late night comedy.  Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman.  Leno in particular would tell a few Bush jokes, sprinkle in a couple at the Democrat’s expense for balance, and then move on.  What we’ve seen lately from “comedians” such as Stephen Colbert, is endless, non-stop vicious and vile personal attacks.  This is not simply disagreeing with the President.  He can’t just be wrong, he has to be evil, because if he’s not evil then we were wrong about him and our egos won’t allow us to be wrong.  We see it in Congress as well, people who should be models of decorum and diplomacy.  Unhinged politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters are so against everything and anything Trump that they have resolved to not only oppose Trump at every turn just for spite, not just refuse to meet with him, not only fail to even acknowledge that his election was legitimate, but they have made this personal.  In acts of petulance completely unbecoming members of Congress, they have railed against and bashed Donald Trump non-stop – personal attack after personal attack.  Not even his family or 11-year old son is off-limit!  And then they have the nerve to accuse Trump and conservatives of being mean-spirited.
Don’t believe me? Next time you see an attack on Trump and conservatives, which if you watch CNN or MSNBC happens about every 30 seconds, imagine that the word “Trump” was replaced with “Obama”, “conservatives” with “liberals” and “white” with “black.”  If you’re horrified at the results, then ask yourself why what that person is saying is any better.  The media has a frightening double standard.  For example, any mention of Russia immediately invokes the narrative that Trump “obviously” colluded with Russia to win the election, even where there’s no evidence at all.  However when we do have evidence that people in the Obama administration unmasked and leaked confidential information, or that Hillary Clinton gave 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia in exchange for Foundation donations, or Obama was caught on a hot mike telling Dmitri Medvedev that after the [2012] election he’ll ‘have more flexibility’ with Russia, the media is completely silent.  That apparently is a “right-wing conspiracy.”  Did Russia try to influence our election?  Probably.  And we try to influence theirs.  But to rush to conclusion with no evidence while simultaneously ignoring every bit of evidence of Democrat wrong-doing shows a complete lack of objectivity, and it’s not up to journalists to make that judgement.  Their job is to cover ALL news, not just the news that makes Republicans possibly look bad.

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