Yes Clinton won the popular vote, but…

  1. The purpose of the electoral college is to prevent majority tyranny – to keep the country from being controlled by just a few major cities with large populations.
  2. The Presidential campaigns were designed around the electoral college.  That’s why Donald Trump did not campaign in New York or California, or try to run up the score in Texas.
  3. Let’s also remember that while Clinton may have won the popular vote, she did so by running up the score in highly Socialist liberal Democrat areas such as California and New York City.  Below you will see an analysis of what I’m talking about.

As we can see, if we discount Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, and a few other urban areas (such as Detroit, Dane County WI, Hennepin County MI, and Chicago), that Trump actually WON by almost 3.5 million votes!  Below we see a few states and how they would have come out without key urban ares: Minnesota without Minneapolis, Illinois without Chicago, New York without NYC and California without the Bay Area or Los Angeles:

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