Conservative Revenge

The mainstream media and Democratic Party are so hopelessly disconnected from Middle America to the point that the only possible explanation is that we must be racist and bigoted, though they can’t back any of that up.  Van Jones on CNN even called the election a “whitelash.”  Umm, so please tell me how we are using divisive rhetoric!  Oh it must have been white racists, or we’re just uneducated rednecks.  We didn’t get a PhD in African-American Lesbian Dance Theory from Yale, therefore we’re somehow too stupid to elect a President.

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Tuesday night should not be a surprise.

So evidently there are many people in complete and utter disbelief that Donald Trump was elected President, but really they shouldn’t be so surprised.  Why are the news networks, academics, and Washington insiders so surprised?  Because they live in echo chambers – they are primarily surrounded by people whose opinions mirror their own. Continue reading “Tuesday night should not be a surprise.”

Liberals just can’t handle reality

I really didn’t want to gloat.  Yes I was happy about Donald Trump’s election and there was nothing that I wanted more than to reach out a hand and work with those on the left, to show that we are all one nation and need to strive for unity.  Then I read a piece by humorist Garrison Keillor, of whom I used to be a big fan: 

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