Charlottesville: Who are the real fascists?

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests, there has been a lot of criticism of Donald Trump and Republicans in general.  What happened was that there was a white nationalist group who showed up to protest the removal of Confederate statues.  Continue reading “Charlottesville: Who are the real fascists?”

Open Letter to the GOP Congress

Dear Republican Members of Congress:

I write this letter out of extreme concern about not only the direction of our country, but of the direction of the party leading it.  I feel it’s my duty to inform you that the Republicans are currently the majority party in Congress.  I’ll be blunt: Why won’t you at least TRY to implement the agenda that WE voted you in for, the mandate that WE gave you?  It’s sickening to watch this majority we all worked so achieve to death being completely flushed down the toilet.  Continue reading “Open Letter to the GOP Congress”

What’s with all the anti-Trump Hysteria

We used to be able to agree to disagree and still move on with our lives.  I did not support Donald Trump in the primaries, and that’s been documented a few times on this blog.  Yet he is our President now, and it seems there’s no more any middle ground with the far left in this country.  On November 9 I published an entry called “What Just Happened?” but I think it needs to be updated now that the extreme anti-Trump vitrol and increasing riots and facism being displayed by the far left has made itself more visible…

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Confession Time Part 2

This post will be a little different than usual.  I don’t have a specific topic, and those who have been great enough to read this blog may realize that this has been generally less of a blog and more of a series of essays.  This is one reason that I don’t post more often because if I did, this would devolve into a mere series of random thoughts.

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Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

Jeff Sessions. Rex Tillerson. “Mad Dog” Mattis.  There are a lot of high-profile Senate confirmation hearings going on these next few weeks, and inevitably many Democrats will make up lies and propaganda in a vain attempt to block the confirmation of what I believe (for the most part) to be a world-class Cabinet.  I’d like to focus here on one of the nominees that many outside the education field are overlooking – Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Continue reading “Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education”

So who exactly is running a campaign of hate?

Ok, so evidently Donald Trump is some Nazi-esque racist, misogynist, bicyclist… first, I challenge anyone to find anything he said in those categories where he was directly insulting an entire racial group.  Meanwhile, from the supposedly tolerant Clinton campaign…


Catholics insulted by Hillary Clinton campaign:

Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables

“Needy Latinos”

Sorting VP candidates into “racial food groups” (at 19:00)

And as a bonus… Operatives working for the Clinton campaign are deliberately planting people to disrupt Trump rallies and foment violence.

Five things about Clinton & Trump

Selling out the White House and government favors to the highest bidder, as she has a history of doing with the Clinton Foundation as Secretary of State.  The collusion between the Democrats and the mainstream media, exposed through the Wikileaks emails, the fact that the mainstream media jumps on Trump at every indiscretion, yet defends and deflects from Clinton’s crimes.

Her history of complete corruption, including her email server.  She has been proven to be grossly negligent with national security data for her own personal convenience, and to avoid having her emails visible by government agencies.  There’s ample reason to believe that some of this information could have been hacked, and that foreign and hostile governments have blackmail information on the President of the United States.  There is evidence of collusion between Hillary and the Justice Department.  Her actions reveal her attitude that she is above the law and not subject to the same rules as the rest of society. 

The thought that Hillary will appoint 3 or 4 justices to the Supreme Court who will rule based on political ideology and try to legislate from the bench instead of following the Constitution.  Will our First and Second Amendment rights (which Clinton has a record of opposing) be at the whim of liberal justices who feel that they have the ability to rewrite, and/or shred our Constitutional liberties?

Her insatiable desire for more taxing and more spending will blow up our national debt.  We have, between national debt and unfunded liabilities, $150 to $200 TRILLION, and Clinton wants MORE taxes and more spending.  This is unsustainable and we are approaching a point of no return where our economy will collapse, because Clinton and many other Democrats believe that they can classify every single voter whim as a “right” to be provided at taxpayer expense.

She would completely throw open our borders and erase the meaning of national soveriegnty.  Foreign nationals could come and go at will, settling in our country at our taxpayer expense.  Clinton herself admitted these refugees cannot be vetted, and ISIS has claimed publically that they plan to infiltrate the refugee program with militant terrorists.  Donald Trump is absolutely 100% about his wall policy.  Of course not all Mexicans are rapists and murderers (nor did he say that), but we DO have people who are crossing over who mean harm to us, we can’t possibly vet all of them. And Obama & Clinton seem completely dismissive of that issue.  We are selling out our national security in the name of political correctness.  The increasing wave of terrorist attacks should frighten anyone and give an accurate glimpse of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.


Trump may not have the temperament.  His insistence on doing things his own way not be conducive to the Executive Branch where you need to take the advice of others.

Trump has shown to have some lewd views towards women.  While I can’t condone any of things, one has to wonder what these have to do with running the country.  We can vote for people without agreeing with everything they’ve done.  I agree these are some pretty nasty words on tape, but really people?  Lewd behavior 10 years ago vs. decades of criminal behavior, corruption, and collusion?  Is there really a choice?

I do criticize his campaign strategy, focusing too much on unimportant negative issues and not highlighting his vision for America and Hillary’s endless flaws.

I do not agree that the best way to handle our trade deficits and job losses overseas is through more tariffs and higher taxes.

I agree that he wants too much spending as well, but I temper that by saying that at least his policies will get free enterprise running again and will provide us a stronger tax base to pay down that debt, while Hillary’s policies will drive wealth and jobs out of the country.  Combine that with her insatiable appetite for spending, and the country will be bankrupt in a decade.