Issue #5: Secure our national borders

Do you lock your doors at night? Why?  Because it’s your home and you want to protect your home and your family from those who would do you harm or steal your property.  Are you being racist or anti-social?   Of course not.  Donald Trump is not being Anti-Mexican, he is calling for securing our border in the same way that you would lock your house at night or when you leave, because you want to keep people out that shouldn’t be in there.  The left media wants to twist this into a racist argument. Democrats make arguments based on emotion and feelings, whereas Conservatives make policy based on facts, logic, and what’s truly best for the nation.  Of course Mexico is not sending rapists and murderers here, but unless we have a process for entering the country legally and people are following that process, there is a danger of criminals entering.  It took only NINETEEN people to bring down the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The left media wants to twist this into a racist argument. Democrats make arguments based on emotion and feelings, whereas Conservatives make policy based on facts, logic, and what’s truly best for the nation.  We need to enforce our border security, the law doesn’t say that illegal immigration is okay just because you feel good about it.  The law is the law.  Just because you want something, even if that is a genuinely good thing, does not automatically make it a right.
People like Donald Trump who want to seal the border are racist.
This is the biggest falsehood placed upon people who feel that our illegal immigration system has gotten under control.  When someone says that we need to stop illegal immigration, there is something in the leftist brain that conveniently omits the word “illegal.”  This is called a straw man argument.  Leftists cannot seem to draw that distinction.  Legal immigration SHOULD be easier, but that is not the same thing as having open borders.
Now Presidential candidate Donald Trump is called a racist because of the following quote*:
You have people coming in, and I’m not just saying Mexicans, I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists and they’re coming into this country.  When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.
Note I’m not defending Trump here, but what he’s saying about immigration is correct.  He did say “not just saying Mexicans” What he’s saying is that if we just open the borders and not vet who’s entering our country, we do run the risks of people sneaking in who ARE criminals, who are rapists, who are terrorists, and who are smuggling illegal drugs.  Trump’s wording in these speeches is poor, but his ideas are correct.  Mexico has no such policy.  If a foreigner breaks into Mexico they get instantly deported or jailed.  Terrorists posing as refugees are going to take advantage of our generosity and political correctness and are putting our lives and safety at risk!
*NOTE: If you’re going to rag on someone for saying something you don’t like, then at least stop being lazy and actually look up the quote before getting your news from late night TV.
“But they’re already here”
So?  That’s how it works?  A 9-month pregnant woman comes across the river, drops off her baby and now POOF, that child is now the responsibility of the American taxpayer?  If someone commits a murder, then is the fact that they haven’t been arrested an excuse not to arrest them.  You cannot sneak in under the shadows, then after 5 years when you finally get caught, claim that you’ve been here for 5 years we now HAVE to accept you.  
What about DACA?  I mean after all it’s not the children’s fault.
If I rob a bank because you’re short of money, and then I give the money to you, is it then yours to keep?  You don’t get to keep the proceeds of a crime.  You don’t get to benefit from the criminal actions of others.  
But we can’t just deport 11 million people
For what crime do we simply give up trying to catch suspects just because we can’t catch everyone?  Murders happen every day.  Do you hear the police say, “Well we can’t catch them all, so we may as well not try to find this guy.” No!  Just because you can’t deport 11 million people immediately, does not mean we just give up on getting any of them.
Tearing families apart
Some of the leftist open border types try to play the pity card and accuse us of “breaking families apart.” Let’s go back to the bank robber example.  An out-of-work man robs a bank to get money for his family and people are seriously hurt.  Does the fact that he “did it for his family” make it ok?  Are you going to take this man away from his family just because he broke the law?  Hell yes!  If you cared about your family so much, then why didn’t you think about that before you broke the law?  It’s not our responsibility to excuse your actions just because you have a sick orphaned 7 year old with no arms.
They just want a better life.  We are a compassionate country.
Americans are a compassionate people.  That does not mean that the entire country has an obligation to accept everyone from every country just because they want to be here?
If you break into the country illegally, you are breaking the law.  You don’t deserve protection, amnesty, or a “level playing field.”  You deserve a one-way plane ticket back to where you came from.  I’m all for legal immigration. But you can’t come in here against the law and then blame US for putting you in the shadows.  I’m sick of this “feel-good, play on the heartstrings” policy, declaring someone racist because they want to defend their own border.  If someone comes into our country under false pretense then you are by definition a criminal and need to leave.  To all the people saying, “oh but those poor people they just want to make a better life.” So if someone broke into your home and stole your food because they’re out of money, does that make it okay for them to stay in your house, share a bed with your children because they have unilaterally declared sanctuary in your house?  No?  We do not have a history of open borders, and foreigners are not entitled to simply break in and stay here just because they want to.
We are selling the security of our nation away out of political correctness.  I’m sick and tired of Democrats playing the pity card, that it’s our business to take in everyone from a foreign country who comes here looking for handouts.  Democrats make arguments based on emotion and feelings, whereas Conservatives make policy based on facts, logic, and what’s truly best for the nation.  Mitt Romney lost in 2012 because he told us what we needed to hear, and Obama told us what we wanted to hear.